Acupuncture is the oldest medicine still in use, effective without surgery or side effects…

Nutritional Guidance

Nutritional Guidance is the process of assessing and/or investigating the true root cause…

Life Coaching

Holistic Coaching is a one-on-one session that helps you rediscover your true self…


Massage is the rubbing and kneading of muscles and joints of the body with the hands…


Candice Thomas

L.Ac. and Owner of LightWorks

Candice is a passionate acupuncturist, teacher, author and speaker, and her even deeper loves are her roles as wife and mom…..

Lee Ann Roberts


Lee Ann is a natural caregiver. As a mother, wife, grandmother, massage therapist or practice manager, she always seeks to be of service…

Sandy Hogan


After a successful career in executive leadership, Sandy shifted gears in 2000 to focus entirely on her true gift: evoking of others…

The LightWorks Approach

The LightWorks Approach is a custom treatment plan consisting of various natural healing methods, as needed, to address all areas of the patient’s health: body, mind and spirit. It was developed out of the belief that to experience true health—real vitality—one’s spirit must be engaged and awake in one’s life.

This is necessary because we make a lot of choices every day that we don’t realize we’re making when our senses have been dulled…

A feeling of hopelessness can set in, and in our opinion, this is a deadly turn.

Once the spirit disengages, the chances of recovery are poor.

In response, we have developed the LightWorks Approach: a strategic offering of services provided by top practitioners who will address those areas which are the true root of the problem—body, mind, or spirit.

Powerful medicine combined with powerful practitioners to produce powerful results.

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  • candice-thomas-acupuncturist-tucson-enneagram-type-5-the-expert

    Ennea Type 5, the “Expert” (Enneagram Series)

    Today is about the Ennea Type 5, known as the Investigator, the Observer, the Expert. This is a very intellectual heady kind of person. Very, very smart. They have a basically desire to master, to be an expert, to have worth through knowledge. They basically fear then to feel that they are unworthy because they…

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  • ennea-type-4-the-individualist-by-candice-thomas-enneagram-series

    Ennea Type 4, The “Individualist”, the “Romantic (Enneagram Series)

      Let’s talk today about Ennea Type 4, called the Individualist, the Romantic, the Creative Person. Type Fours are very interesting, unique people. They tend to be very creative. The basic desire for this type is to know oneself. They will spend a lifetime combing through their past experiences, processing and trying to make sense…

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  • candice-thomas-acupuncturist-and-enneagram-teacher-health-patterns-of-ennea-type-5

    Health Patterns of the Ennea Type 5 (Enneagram Series)

    I wanted to talk to you today about health patterns of Ennea Type 5, the “Observer” or the “Expert”. So Type 5s might come in [to our practice] for just about anything. They are extremely curious kinds of people and they are open to thinking outside the box, so they really are attracted to the…

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  • Health patterns of the Ennea Type 2 personality - The Enneagram Series by Candice Thomas

    Health Patterns of The Ennea Type 2 (Enneagram Series)

      I want to talk with you about the health patterns of the Ennea Type 2, the “Helper”, the “Giver”. I’m gonna say I see a lot of Types 2s in the clinic. And the reason that I see this is there’s a very consistent pattern for the Type 2 of stuck pain, long-standing pain in…

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  • Health pattners of Ennea Type 1 - Enneagram Series by Candice Thomas

    Health Patterns of the Ennea Type 1 (Enneagram Series)

      Today, I want to talk to you about the health patterns for the Ennea Type 1 personality, the “Perfectionist”. What we see with the Type 1, when they come in, is this is a serious hard-working kind of person, and they come in to the acupuncture clinic for some pretty classic examples of what in…

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  • The Ennea Type 3 Personality - The Achiever

    Ennea Type 3 Personality – The Achiever (Enneagram Series)

      I’d like to talk to you today about Ennea Type 3 personality, often called the “Achiever” or the “Performer“. This is a very high energy, dynamic kind of person, extremely goal-oriented. The basic desire for this type is to have value, inherent worth. They want to be found worthy. And what’s the basic fear?…

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  • Health patterns Ennea Type 3 personality - The Achiever - Ennegram Series by Candice Thomas

    Health Patterns of the Ennea Type 3 (Enneagram Series)

      I would like to talk to you today about the health patterns of the Ennea Type 3, the “Achiever”. This is a very, very driven kind of person. In Chinese Medicine we would say that they are the “yang” type. When you see that ying-yang symbol, that’s the symbol of balance that’s showing us…

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  • Enneagram, personality typing system

    The Enneagram Personality Typing System: What is it?

      Let me introduce you today to the Enneagram, a personality typing system. It’s the topic I am most passionate about. The root “Ennea” means “nine” (9) and “gram” just means “picture”. Enneagram simply means “a picture of nine”. This temperament system says there are 9 fundamental personality types in the world. There is really…

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  • enneagram-the-type-2-personality-the-giver

    Ennea Type 2 Personality – The Giver (Enneagram Series)

      I’d like to talk to you today about the Ennea Type 2 personality, the personality type described by the Enneagram as “the Giver”, “the Helper”. Their basic desire is to be loved and to be connected to other people. Their basic fear is to be unloved and to be found unworthy of love. This…

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