What is the Enneagram?

Enneagram - Personality-typing tool used in holistic healthcare

The Enneagram is the study of human temperament. The root Ennea means “nine”; the root Gram means “picture.” This system identifies 9 distinct personality types.

Each personality Type has a natural talent in a certain aspect of life. They are built to make sure an essential principle is showing up in the world. However, unfortunately for us, while we are built for greatness in one area, we all have built-in problem areas as well, which can interfere with us rising to our fullest potential.

Why are these problem areas built in? We can’t answer that question with certainty. However, the journey towards embracing your true talents and consciously attending to your problem areas is the journey towards your deepest joy and fulfillment. Regardless of where your sense of spirituality lies, it seems this journey is a very meaningful one to take.

Candice Thomas is an expert in the groundbreaking area of Health & Personality. She is able to quickly show her patients how their perspectives and attitudes are impacting their health picture, and what they can do to make constructive changes.


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