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Voted Best Acupuncturist 4 years in a row in the
People’s Choice Awards from the AZ Daily Star!

The LightWorks Approach

The LightWorks Approach is a revolutionary integrative health plan providing a complete health transformation for each patient. This holistic approach includes health analysis from both Eastern and Western perspectives, temperament assessment, dietary guidance, nutritional supplementation, enneagram coaching, movement plan, and acupuncture.

Our patients are people who have been struggling with their health for a long time. They have tried other approaches without much success, and are feeling frustrated and hopeless that they will ever get their quality of life back. They understand they require rehabilitative therapy and are motivated to do what it takes to get well. Read More 

LightWorks Services


LightWorks Acupuncture’s approach to healing along with a warm and reassuring bedside manner has earned the company a 2018 Arizona Daily Star Reader’s Choice Favorite Award as well as Best Acupuncturist for 2016-2018 by More

Medical Weight Loss

At LightWorks Acupuncture, we have developed an exciting program which achieves dramatic weight loss by totally transforming health. We deliver an entirely customized treatment plan for each patient which addresses the complete health picture. More

Clinical Nutrition

Clinical Nutrition is the process of assessing and/or investigating the true root cause of complex health pictures, and then designing a healing plan through diet. What makes our nutritional program unique is our dedication to identifying the true root cause of your mystery symptoms. More

Enneagram Coaching

Enneagram Coaching is a one-on-one session that helps you rediscover your true self. By more deeply understanding your temperament and focusing on personal growth and development, you will become more joyful and courageous in your life. More

Our Food Toxicity Program has gone National!

The Food Toxicity Program is our secret weapon for transforming mystifying health conditions. The premise is simple, yet shocking: Each human being has a unique list of foods which behave as poison in the body, and launch an inflammatory response. Even foods you always thought of as healthy, like garlic or eggs, could be the culprit behind a lifetime of inflammation and worsening health. Identifying which foods induce your body to attack itself is absolutely essential for your body to be able to heal. Read More

Meet the LightWorks Practitioners

Candice Thomas,
L.Ac. & Owner, Lightworks Acupuncture

Candice Thomas is Tucson’s top integrative acupuncturist. The founder of LightWorks Acupuncture & Health Transformation Center…More

Jade Arellano,

Jade is a nutritionist with a passion for helping people transform their health. She specializes in inflammatory diseases, all of which are related to the gut and diet…More

From the Blog

The LightWorks Approach: Advanced Holistic Medicine

It hadn’t dawned on me at first, but eventually I realized that working as an acupuncturist means you are generally meeting everyone at the worst time in their lives. The typical scenario goes something like this: I had a health situation which started out small. I ignored it and assumed it would go away. It

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Ennea Type 5, the “Expert” (Enneagram Series)

Today is about the Ennea Type 5, known as the Investigator, the Observer, the Expert. This is a very intellectual heady kind of person. Very, very smart. They have a basically desire to master, to be an expert, to have worth through knowledge. They basically fear then to feel that they are unworthy because they

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