Day: October 16, 2016

Ennea Type 5, the “Expert” (Enneagram Series)

Today is about the Ennea Type 5, known as the Investigator, the Observer, the Expert. This is a very intellectual heady kind of person. Very, very smart. They have a basically desire to master, to be an expert, to have worth through knowledge. They basically fear then to feel that they are unworthy because they

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Health Patterns of the Ennea Type 5 (Enneagram Series)

I wanted to talk to you today about health patterns of Ennea Type 5, the “Observer” or the “Expert”. So Type 5s might come in [to our practice] for just about anything. They are extremely curious kinds of people and they are open to thinking outside the box, so they really are attracted to the

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Health Patterns of Ennea Type 4 (Enneagram Series)

Hi, I am hoping to speak to you today about the health patterns of Ennea Type 4, the “Individualist”. The Type 4s being such unique original people, they never come in for the same ailments: they are all coming in for different complaints. I don’t see a consistent complaint, main problem. However, what I would

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