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I wanted to talk to you today about what can acupuncture and holistic medicine do about weight loss.

Here at LightWorks we put together a comprehensive weight loss plan for you that’s quite unlike anything you’ve seen before. First of all, acupuncture is at the center of it. Acupuncture is going to work on weight loss by focusing on repairing the digestive system. It’s going to help boost metabolism because what’s happening is over the many years of eating inflammatory foods — our favorite foods, all the junky stuff that we don’t want to let go of, you know the sugar, the chips, the cookies, all the good stuff — well, that’s doing a number on the intestines because it’s quite inflammatory.

What that means is it’s making the intestines really hot and swollen and they lose the ability to absorb vitamins. That’s how we get our vitamins because its absorbed by the small intestine and when they’re all hot and inflamed because they’ve been reacting to sugar too long they’re no longer able to absorb well and your body starts to believe that it is malnourished and starts to slow down metabolism trying to leach out every last calorie and get every bit of vitamin out of the food.

What this translates to you as, is accelerated weight gain and more and more difficulty to getting the weight off. So, acupuncture is great at repairing the whole digestive system and helping return your metabolism to what you might have had 20 or 30 years ago. That’s step one in the program.

Additionally, there are some other reasons that might be going on in the background that could be influencing why you are not able to lose weight easily. One is food sensitivities. A lot of people unknowingly are eating foods that are mildly poisonous to them and as long as their body is in a toxic state it’s really not interested in focusing on weight loss. So we have blood tests and things to find out what your food sensitivities might be.

Another backdrop problem that goes on for many people is candida overgrowth which is basically a systemic yeast infection, that’s a fungal infection tough to get rid of. As long as that is going on the body the body is really struggling and again not focused on weight loss at all. If those are going on, we’ll evaluate for those and help you get that under control.

Then there are some other things to reckon with, there’s really an emotional piece. This is really the deal-breaker for most people: emotional feelings around food. There are “food as your friend”, “food as your comfort”, … letting go can be painful. Some people have emotional reactions about the effort that it takes to prepare food and to eat well.

Some people have really destructive self-talk. The way they think to themselves about themselves sabotages any progress they can make and so Joan Upton here at the office is our Certified Hypnotherapist and she’s really so good at helping people shift the way they are thinking about food or about themselves through hypnotherapy. Joan is also a Certified Health Coach; she’s been trained in nutrition. So she’s my go-to person to help us put together a very personalized eating plan for each patient based on how they’re eating now and the small changes they can get going making.

And finally Joan is also a personal trainer: she is able to assess you and your level of fitness now (or lack thereof — that’s fine). She’ll help you get started, she can put together a simple movement plan for you to help you get going with your weight loss.

When we put all of this together, healing the body, working on the emotional mental stuff, and getting going physically we see very accelerated weight loss. It’s really transformational. I can tell that I’ve lost about 60 lbs, my husband has lost about 125 lbs and this is by far the most effective way that I have ever experience real weight loss.

I would love to help you with this complex problem and help you beat it. Thank so much, give us a call!

Candice Thomas, Licensed Acupuncturist
Owner of LightWorks Acupuncture, a Holistic Medical Center.
LightWorks Acupuncture: 520-318-5560

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