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Health Patterns of the Perfectionist

As a teacher of personality studies and also an acupuncturist, I find it particularly fascinating to observe how temperament really does play a role in our health. Our attitudes and beliefs greatly influence the actions we do or don’t take, the things that upset us, the ways we seek comfort, and the things we are

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Prostate Health

Enlarged prostate is an exceedingly common health concern for men over age 50. Studies show that 40-50% of men age 51-60 will experience symptoms of enlarged prostate, and by age 80, 80% of men will suffer from it. This means that enlarged prostate, officially known as Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH), is a problem that most

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Aging & the Kidneys

Isn’t aging FUN? The low back and knee pain, memory loss, hair loss and grey hair, hearing loss, fatigue, loss of sexual function, brittle bones… It’s a party!!! Would it intrigue you to know that these are not necessarily required to be a part of middle age? At least, according to Traditional Chinese Medicine they’re

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Acupuncture for Sciatica

Pain from a pinched nerve is some of the most intense, mind-numbing pain there is. It has an urgent, sharp, electrical quality all its own. And of all the nerves you might have pinched, the sciatic nerve is the largest, most intense one in the body. The sciatic nerve emerges from the spine at 5

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Acupuncture for Vitality

Most likely you have seen the Yin/Yang symbol before. But have you ever wondered what it is? It is called the taijitu, the Taoist diagram depicting the symmetry and balance that is found nature. Ancient Taoists observed that the natural world is comprised of opposites. Night and day, hot and cold, fire and rain… these

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Acupuncture for Weight Loss

As an acupuncturist, people ask me all the time if there is acupuncture for weight loss. My answer is Yes, but not in the way you think. Unfortunately, there are no “lose-50-pounds” acupuncture points, where a person can lay there, get acupuncture and make no lifestyle changes, and magically return to their high school weight.

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