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Food Sensitivities & Chronic Illness

As an alternative health practitioner, what attracts me to the holistic approach is that it seeks to answer the question WHY. It seems simple enough, but among modern medicine this is a surprisingly radical approach. Instead of saying: Here are some pills to help you cope with your chronic migraines, or acid reflux, or insomnia,

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Boosting Energy with Acupuncture

Chronic low energy is a common problem, and it is usually an indication that your internal health is struggling. Acupuncture is an ideal way to heal the body and boost energy. Chinese medicine works with the energy of the body, which we call Qi (pronounced “chee”). Qi is what makes our body alive, the animating

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Your Health Picture: The 10 Questions

Holistic medicine seeks to understand the entire picture of the patient’s health—body, mind and spirit—in order to provide complete healing. But how can a practitioner assess a patient on all 3 levels in a brief amount of time? Modifying a Traditional Chinese Medicine method called The 10 Questions, I developed a simple and direct way

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Acupuncture for Women

Ladies, let’s talk. There’s really never a good time to strike up a conversation about your painful or irregular periods, or crazy-making menopausal symptoms… so let’s just do it now. Because there is something really important you should know: Acupuncture is incredible at treating these problems. Menstrual and menopausal difficulties are extremely common complaints for

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