Ennea Type 2 Personality – The Giver (Enneagram Series)

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I’d like to talk to you today about the Ennea Type 2 personality, the personality type described by the Enneagram as “the Giver”, “the Helper”.

Their basic desire is to be loved and to be connected to other people. Their basic fear is to be unloved and to be found unworthy of love. This is a real trigger for the Type 2: a basic fear to be broken up, to have a relationship ended on them.

Their self-worth comes from their desire to love and be connected, so if you don’t love them, what are they good for?

The passion is “pride”. It doesn’t show. These people are very warm, smiling, gracious… not the “hottie” kind of people. It’s an internal dialogue. The Type 2 feels pride when they have met the needs of other people.

The problem is that they can be congratulating themselves for staying in relationships with the wrong people. Pretty much anybody with a need is going to need a Type 2. So the Ennea Type 2 can show up and deliver for just about anyone… And who do they look for but the toughest cases, people in really needy conditions?

So this pride piece, this feeling good for meeting other people’s needs can actually trap the Ennea Type 2 into dysfunctional relationships.

Therefore the Ennea Type 2 will have to look at “the need to be needed”. That basic desire to be loved is not the full definition of what a person is worth.  It’s a mistake to think that unless you are giving love you don’t have any worth.

It’s a problem commonly met by “empty nesters”.

The work for the Ennea Type 2 is to evaluate the balance, the integrity in their relationships: “Am I giving AND receiving?”. If they could make sure that they are in mutually beneficial relationships, they would live a much more balanced, uplifted, happier life.

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