The Enneagram Personality Typing System: What is it?

Enneagram, personality typing system
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Let me introduce you today to the Enneagram, a personality typing system. It’s the topic I am most passionate about.

The root “Ennea” means “nine” (9) and “gram” just means “picture”. Enneagram simply means “a picture of nine”. This temperament system says there are 9 fundamental personality types in the world.

There is really a higher reason why there are there are these personality types: each one is built to deliver a certain important principle to the world.

These 9 principles are all different and all important. Unfortunately for us, the fact we are built to be especailly talented in one area also predisposes us to have problems in other areas.

This shows up in many different ways in our lives: relationships, finances, job, self-esteem, how we interact with others…

There are many ways to look at the Enneagram and what it shows us about ourselves and what we bring to the world.

Type 1, for instance, the “Perfectionist”, brings integrity to the world. Type 2, the “Helper” or the “Giver”, brings love to the world. Type 3, the “Achiever” or the “Performer”, brings accomplishment. Type 4, the “Creative Person” or “Individualist”, brings creativity. Type 5, the “Observer” or “Expert”, brings wisdom to the world. Type 6, the “Analyst” or “Skeptic”, brings work ethics and stability. Type 7, the “Enthusiast”, brings joy to the world. Type 8, the “Boss”, brings power to the world. And Type 9, “the Peacemaker”, brings harmony to the world.

All important principles and people.

In this series, we’ll take a look at what are the built-in desires of each type, built-in fears, belief systems and triggers or stress behaviors called “passions”.

I will introduce you to each of the types, what are their strengths and the built-in problems with each.

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