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What is the Enneagram?

The Enneagram is the study of human temperament. The root Ennea means “nine”; the root Gram means “picture.” This system identifies 9 distinct personality types.

Each personality Type has a natural talent in a certain aspect of life. They are built to make sure an essential principle is showing up in the world. However, unfortunately for us, while we are built for greatness in one area, we all have built-in problem areas as well, which can interfere with us rising to our fullest potential.

Why are these problem areas built in? We can’t answer that question with certainty. However, the journey towards embracing your true talents and consciously attending to your problem areas is the journey towards your deepest joy and fulfillment. Regardless of where your sense of spirituality lies, it seems this journey is a very meaningful one to take.

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How is the Enneagram used at LightWorks Acupuncture?

Candice Thomas, the founder of LightWorks, is both an acupuncturist and a certified Enenagram teacher. Since opening her doors in 2012, she has asked every patient to take the personality-typing quiz along with the other medical intake information at the first appointment. This accomplishes several key things at the same time:

  • Builds Rapport: When your practitioner has immediate insight into the kind of person you are: your set of values, your communication style, your primary needs, your basic fears… she is able to put you at your ease quickly. Patients and clients often remark it was the most pleasant consultation they ever had.
  • Customized Treatments: Different kinds of people need different kinds of care. For the analytical types, the focus is on information, data, and measurable results. For the assertive types, answering questions directly, getting results quickly, and keeping appointments on time are key. For the relationship-oriented types, there is much listening and empathy. For the quiet types, we only talk about the “deep” stuff and provide a restful, healing experience.
  • Medical Insight: After many years and many thousands of appointments, Candice Thomas has conducted unprecedented research into the intersection of Health and Personality. She has come to identify the typical health patterns which are associated with each of the 9 Enneagram types. This work provides deep insights into how our thoughts evolve into illness. By working with her patients on shifting their thoughts and feelings towards something more positive and healing, she has been able to achieve remarkable results. Look for her book, My Self | My Health, in 2020!
  • Transformations: Gaining mastery over your thoughts, feelings, triggers, and reactivity empowers you to improve your life in ways you never previously imagined. Not only does health improve, but so do relationships, finances, careers and more.

Work with Candice

  • Private 1-to-1 Appointments: We offer the Enneagram appointments in person and by video conference. Learn about yourself and the hidden hardwiring within you that drives you to have certain beliefs, fears and desires. By gaining insight into how to observe yourself more shrewdly, you gain unprecedented leverage in changing and controlling behavior which previously felt out-of-reach. Book with Candice and learn how to empower yourself.
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I came to Candice out of desperation. Along with over 10 years of seriously declining health, I woke up two months ago with an extreme migraine and vertigo. My doctors had no answers. I couldn't work...I am only 55. Candice patiently took 2 hours with me, and put me on a very strict diet, which I saw results from the first week. She gave me acupuncture for my headache and vertigo, which was comfortable and relaxing. I had some relief the first time and it just got better with every session. She gave me my life back.
Linda B. (Google Review)