Food Toxicity Program

LightWorks Food Toxicity Testing Program, Tucson AZ

Welcome to the smartest move you’ll ever make for your health.

This is the missing piece in your diagnosis, and the reason you continue to feel worse over time. Simply because you never knew…even healthy foods like fruits, vegetables, spices, grains and protein can behave like poison to only some people.

When we see unusual health symptoms popping up in a variety of ways, and it seems like we’re falling apart, it’s usually because we’ve been eating certain foods our whole lives that we never knew were toxic to us. And now our bodies just can’t take it anymore.

We start to see more and more symptoms show up, like: headaches, body pain, muscle weakness, numb hands and feet, injuries that won’t heal, stomach pain, problematic digestion, chronic colds/flu, mental fogginess, intense fatigue, acne, skin rashes, chronic allergies, unstable hormones, low libido, accelerated aging, poor memory, mood swings, and more.

Discover which foods are toxic to you!

If you are ready for all this to end, so that you can get back to the business of enjoying life, then this blood test is for you.

Many patients have expressed to us that, even though they know they really need the test, they are afraid to know what favorite foods they will have to give up. Or they feel overwhelmed at having to learn a whole new way to eat.

Don’t worry, we offer services to help!

When you work with us you become a member of the LightWorks Community, and we provide a whole program to support you as you embark on this journey towards vibrant health.

Included in the Food Toxicity Program:

  • 2 private Skype appointments with your practitioner, to discuss your health history and to go over the bloodwork results
  • Weekly support videos to give you practical tips on how to navigate this new way of eating
  • Membership in our private Facebook group offering recipes, encouragement, and a safe place to vent! Nobody is happy to be giving up staple foods, but everybody is glad to be feeling so much better. Talk about it here.

Additional services to support you:

  • Nutritional Health Assessment: an extremely thorough health analysis and Skype call with our staff nutritionist. You will gain enormous insight into your underlying patterns of nutritional deficiencies which are contributing to your symptoms like insomnia, anxiety, hormonal imbalances, chronic fatigue, and more. Receive a customized health plan advising you of the appropriate vitamins/supplements, exercise, diet and lifestyle changes for you to have optimal health.
  • Meal Plans: Learning how to cook around your new food restrictions can be confusing and frustrating. Our staff nutritionist will provide you with weekly meal plans including recipes which will work for you.
  • Life Coaching: Sometimes our stress levels are so high that we feel too overwhelmed to make the lifestyle changes we know we need. Work with a coach by phone to learn more about your own temperament, what things trigger you, and how to take constructive action to support yourself.

Take the next step to discovering which foods are toxic to you

I have been seeing Candice for chronic foot pain following foot surgery as well as for general health issues…I had the food sensitivity testing done and it showed more food issues than I could imagine. I have been doing an elimination diet, seeing Candice weekly and I am making real progress and feeling so much better.
Diana H. (Google Review)