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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Acupuncture feel like?

Why do you look at my tongue to diagnose me?

Acupuncture FAQs:

No. We use sterilized, single-use needles. Afterward they are discarded into a Sharps container and treated as bio-hazard waste.

No. We avoid the nerves, as this would be quite painful. Acupuncture uses preset locations all over the body, called acupoints. These points communicate a variety of signals to the brain.

Soft, loose clothing is best, as we often need access to elbows and knees. If clothing needs to be removed in order to gain access to the problem area, you will be given privacy to undress and a sheet to be covered with.

The first appointment is 2 hours, to give us time to go over a very thorough health history. The following appointments are generally 60 minutes.

25 – 30 minutes. We will dim the lights and play soft, relaxing music as you float in a meditative, blissful state.

This varies widely from person to person. Some people report a reduction in their pain symptoms immediately after the needles are removed, while others say it isn’t until that night or the next day that they notice their symptoms are reduced. Almost everyone reports that they feel very relaxed and calm after acupuncture.

The effectiveness of acupuncture builds over time. It is important to have the first few appointments fairly close together, in order to build momentum—we usually advise coming in twice a week for 2 or 3 weeks. Then we drop down to once a week, and then space them out further, as needed. Generally we advise patients that for every year they have had the problem, they will require a month of regular treatment. Nevertheless, we expect to see some improvement of symptoms by the 5th treatment

The effectiveness of acupuncture varies, and depends on the overall health of the patient. A person who is physically fit, sleeps well, and has a healthy diet will most likely respond more quickly than someone who is in poor health. People whose symptoms come and go, or haven’t had their symptoms very long, have a better prognosis than someone whose symptoms are very fixed and have been going on for a long time.

YES!!! Ideally, acupuncture is meant to be a preventative medicine. Regular acupuncture keeps your organs detoxified, boosts immune function, and clears out any internal inflammation, which is known to be the root of all disease. We recommend acupuncture once a month to maintain vibrant good health.

Nutritional Guidance FAQ

The Certified Nutrition Specialist designation is the gold standard for Advanced Nutrition Specialists. CNSs have fulfilled the most rigorous advanced-degree, education, experience, examination, and continuing education requirements. The CNS certification is held by clinical nutritionists, physicians and other advance-degreed healthcare professionals with a specialty in nutrition.

Prior to the appointment you will have completed a very thorough health history questionnaire. Additionally, you will have taken a hair test to analyze mineral deficiencies. Armed with this data, the Nutrition Specialist will review with you what patterns in your health this data reveals, and how it can be healed though. She will provide you with a document spelling out your recommended protocols in the areas of diet, vitamin/mineral/botanical supplementation, exercise, and lifestyle. She will provide you with an account to our online pharmacy, so that you may order your products directly and have them delivered to your home.

We offer a wide array of very unique tests which identify underlying imbalances. These may include hormone panels, vitamin panels, hair mineral analysis, candida test, fecal analysis, and the food toxicity test.

The truth is most Americans would benefit from some guidance on the best way to eat for their bodies. There is a lot of misinformation out there, and even people who make a real effort to eat well may be making the wrong food choices for their bodies.

However, the people who are willing to commit their time and finances to seeking nutritional guidance are the ones who are sick-and-tired of being sick-and-tired. Pain and fatigue that just won’t improve are the main drivers, including digestive pain such as IBS and Crohn’s disease. Additionally, people who have just received alarming diagnoses such as diabetes, Celiac disease, or an auto-immune condition should seek nutritional guidance, as it is the best way to treat and recover from these.

We are proud to offer the ImmunoBloodPrint and other tests through ImmunoLabs. There are several companies who provide food sensitivity tests, available at different price points, yet the reliability of their results are not equal. Standards of chemicals used may vary, and number of subagents tested may vary. That is why we only use ImmunoLabs, because they have the highest accuracy rate in the country, at 96% accurate, as compared to some labs which can produce results as low as 50% accurate.

We typically have the results back in 10 days.

We will run lab tests through ImmunoLabs if necessary, but the truth is we find the old-fashioned spit test to be just as reliable. There is a free, simple way for you to test yourself at home for candida overgrowth. We have a handout with instructions at the front desk. Give us a call if you would like us to email you a copy!

Since I have started working with Candice at LightWorks Acupuncture for my chronic migraine pain, I have seen more pain free days and a reduction in the intensity of pain, without the use of prescription medication. I experience a higher energy level and more restful sleep. Candice makes you feel very comfortable and does a wonderful job of educating her patients, creating a partnership for health. I highly recommend LightWorks Acupuncture to anyone who is suffering from chronic headaches or migraine pain.
Carolyn G.(Google Review)