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You are unique and rare, and your healing program should be, too.

LightWorks Acupuncture is the revolutionary, award-winning health transformation center in Tucson, AZ. We work in close partnership with those who seek to activate their own power for healing and advancement. We combine multiple rare and dynamic healing methods at once to achieve maximum results through engaging all of you – your body, your mind, your energy, your unconscious, and your Higher Consciousness.


There are many factors at play which blend to create your unique pattern of unwellness, and no single method of healing is enough to address all of these. Our programs are designed to address the complete constellation of aspects that have created your current state of eroding vitality. In healing the deep root causes which have been holding you back, you are empowered to entirely reconstruct yourself and become the mighty and potent being you were always meant to be.

Designed to take you deep within yourself – where your true power resides – you are guided through a journey of self-discovery, healing and expansion to create an astounding metamorphosis in your quality of life.

Food Toxicity

Discover which foods act as toxins to you, and eliminate inflammation, pain, illness and disease. Give yourself the unique care you require through identifying the correct foods for your particular genetic and energetic profile.



Personality Type Integration

Guided Inner Transformations

Self-Healing Meditative Exercises

Craniosacral Therapy


Meet the Founder

LightWorks Acupuncture was founded in 2012 by Candice Thomas with the intention of bringing together her 30 years of education, experience, and skills to provide the most powerful healing available.

With a bachelor’s degree in Molecular & Cellular Biology, a master’s degree in Acupuncture, certifications as an Enneagram teacher and Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique practitioner, training in mystery schools, and a remarkable set of intuitive abilities, she catalyzes profound transformations for those who are ready.

Working as a healer, teacher, author, speaker, influencer, and guide, you may connect with her in whatever format feels right for you.

Feedback from our patients

Not only does my body feel great, my mood is so much better and I have a totally different outlook on life!


QHHT answered the question I had been asking, and the answer resonates in every part of my being.


Candice is so amazing and skilled with her gift! She gave me peace, healing and comfort.


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