Holistic Coaching with LightWorks Acupuncture


Holistic Coaching is a one-on-one session that helps you rediscover your true self. By more deeply understanding your temperament and focusing on personal growth and development, you will become more joyful and courageous in your life.


Through personal assessment, you will gain clarity about your obvious next steps. You will find your motivation is heightened and you will move toward true success in all you strive to do.

When I first started acupuncture, I was a little skeptical about what it could do for my health issues. I had always thought of acupuncture as a kind of voo-doo. A friend recommended LightWorks Acupuncture and told me about how much the treatments had changed her life. I started going a month ago and I have experienced an incredible difference in how I feel. I have more energy, no pain, and sleep better at night. – A.F.

Holistic Coaching Series

Series I: Defining Purpose/Clarifying Goals

Stagnation can occur in careers, relationships and personal growth. Gaining insight into your deeper motivations will help you reconnect and re-engage, with purpose and direction.

Series II: Stress Management

Constant feelings of frustration, obligation, and worry can smother the ability to feel joy. Together we will clarify and brainstorm practical action steps that will unravel the complexity of the situation. Additionally, through a better understanding of oneself you can learn how to better avoid triggers, and the best ways to help yourself recover.

Series III: Harmonizing Relationships

Tension and friction is common in interpersonal relationships. Gain insight into your own and others’ deeper motivations, and you can identify how certain patterns keep reoccurring, so that you can change them. Just by making a few skilled changes in the ways you interact with others can be the key to opening closed doors.