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Medical Weight Loss

Holistic Medical Weight Loss Program

Your Customized Health Transformation

Have you been unhappy about your gradual weight gain, but felt too unwell to do anything about it? Have you tried other diets but only had partial success? Have you felt overwhelmed and confused about which fad diet is the right one for you?

The truth is, if you are in a cycle of weight gain, increased pain and fatigue, mental fogginess, and plummeting mood, you’ve got much bigger things going on than just a willpower problem. Your body is showing you that you are in a toxic state, and you will not lose weight until you bring your health into a state of balance. There is no one diet that is ideal for everyone—it is dictated by your individual needs.

At LightWorks Acupuncture, we have developed an exciting program which achieves dramatic weight loss by totally transforming health.

In blending the best of ancient medicine with the most modern science, we deliver an entirely customized treatment plan for each patient which addresses the complete health picture.

We must understand your total fundamental needs, as a whole person, and meet them. Once your body, mind, and spirit all suddenly get what they’ve been screaming for, you just wouldn’t believe how swiftly things start turning around.

Benefits of the Program

Our patients love our weight loss program because they get so many other benefits at the same time!

With the LightWorks Holistic Medical Weight Loss Program, we will help you:

  • Release excess weight
  • Eliminate inflammation
  • Detoxify blood and organs
  • Resolve fungal and bacterial infections
  • Boost energy
  • Eradicate pain
  • Sharpen mental clarity
  • Stabilize hormones
  • Improve sexual function
  • Uplift mood
  • And more!

What is Included in the Program?

Complete Vitality Assessment

  • Blood tests
  • Personality test
  • Health history
  • Nutritional health evaluation
  • Chinese medical diagnosis

Custom Treatment Plan

  • Acupuncture
  • Nutritional Supplements
  • Botanicals
  • Food Plan
  • Movement Plan
  • Coaching

How Does the Program Work?

The LightWorks Medical Weight Loss Program is a treatment plan ranging from 6-12 months, depending on overall health. It is a process of 4 phases:

Did you know that your body has hypersensitive reactions to even healthy foods? Yes, most people have a list of common foods including vegetables, proteins and spices which keep their body in a constant state of inflammation. Identifying these foods through a blood test is key to learning how to stop poisoning yourself. Additionally there are often fungal and bacterial infections going on in the background. As soon as we address these issues, your body moves into a powerful detoxification stage. Acupuncture is ideal for supporting your body in this time. Typically in Phase 1 (30-60 days) patients experience an initial weight loss of 10-20 pounds.

Once your body has dumped its store of toxins, then we move on to healing the intestines over the next 30-60 days. Regardless of how healthy your diet’s been, if you didn’t know what foods were poisoning you, your intestines are now in rough shape. This is a problem because we actually absorb our nutrients through the intestinal walls. And if your intestinal walls have been irritated for years, you are in a state of malnourishment. You will meet with the nutritionist, where she’ll assess you and deliver a custom prescription of supplements and botanicals your body needs to thrive. Weekly acupuncture is focused on healing the intestines, resulting in boosted metabolism, absorption, and energy. We usually see another 5-15 pounds released in this phase, then a plateau occurs.

You’ve now lost around 25 pounds, and your body is in a new happy balance. If you would like to see additional weight loss from here, it’s time to tighten up your eating habits. We will create a food plan for you, educating you about the best regimen for your body and lifestyle. Patients who are dedicated may release an additional 30 pounds. Acupuncture treatments in this time target the patient’s health concerns: insomnia, stress, pain, hormones – seeking to integrate the body, mind, and spirit.

I don’t really encourage exercise until Phase 4. You weren’t ready before then. By focusing first on eliminating inflammation, you lost a good amount of weight while essentially resting. Now, the shift toward exercise is much more comfortable, because you are lighter, energized, and pain-free. We will determine which approaches to fitness are best for you, while incorporating acupuncture to accelerate muscle growth.

Our patients typically lose 20-30 pounds, but we’ve seen success up to 130 pounds! But even beyond the weight loss, the most exciting part is how healthy you feel—energized, powerful, and joyful. Your insurance may cover this program—let us inquire for you!

Make this the year you changed your life.