Personality Type

Who's in Charge?

Your Enneagram Personality Type contains all your ego programming as well as your true purpose. You must learn to see how your ego mind traps you in limitation and self-sabotage, so that you may gain mastery over it – releasing you to step into your highest potential. 

Candice Thomas is a certified teacher in the Enneagram, and also the founder of Your Vitality PersonalityTM, a cutting-edge system that makes it simple and easy to explore both your Ego-Driven programming – your inner saboteur –  and your Consciousness-Directed best self – The Real You. These insights dramatically improve your relationship with yourself and others, and empower you to direct your life intentionally.


  • 1-hour consultation: $150
  • 3-session package: $425

Want to discover your Personality Type?

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