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Tag: women’s health

Menopause and acupuncture

(Click on the image to watch the video if menopause bothers you) I am Candice Thomas. I am an integrative acupuncturist and the owner of LifeWorks Acupuncture in Tucson. This one is for the ladies! I want to talk you today about what acupuncture does for menopause. The menopause process can really be 10 years

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Health Patterns of the Perfectionist

As a teacher of personality studies and also an acupuncturist, I find it particularly fascinating to observe how temperament really does play a role in our health. Our attitudes and beliefs greatly influence the actions we do or don’t take, the things that upset us, the ways we seek comfort, and the things we are

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Acupuncture for Women

Ladies, let’s talk. There’s really never a good time to strike up a conversation about your painful or irregular periods, or crazy-making menopausal symptoms… so let’s just do it now. Because there is something really important you should know: Acupuncture is incredible at treating these problems. Menstrual and menopausal difficulties are extremely common complaints for

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