Testimonials from Our Patients

With their permission, we reproduce here some of the letters our patients wrote us to describe their progress in returning to health and real vitality.

Candice is amazing! The office is warm and welcoming, her treatment rooms feel like you are in a spa and best of all Candice has the healing touch! I never thought acupuncture would help my sciatic issue but it did! Thank you so much for relief you gave me. – Robin L.

I went it in tears and feeling hopeless and came out of it with brand new understanding of my health concerns and much deeper appreciation to whole health. If you are someone who tried everything to lose weight but nothing works, this will be your last stop as Candice will get to the bottom of it with you. – Mona D.

I am so happy I was introduced to acupuncture. I love everyone at Light Works Acupuncture. Candice is amazing. She has helped me regulate my body temperature, which is awesome. While we still have things to work on, I feel better and better every time I see her. – Tania R.

Candice is so wonderful. The Accupuncture treatment she has provided has helped me tremendously. I had foot surgery for a torn peroneal longus tendon, and Accupuncture treatment therapy has been working for the sensitivity from my scar as well as for residual pain while healing. Candice has also treated me for vertigo. After just a few treatments, my vertigo is gone! I have suffered from occasional vertigo for the past 18 years.

I also took the Immuno Lab blood test for food sensitivity which Candice offers. My test indicated that I had a gluten and yeast intolerance. I have been on a gluten-free and yeast-free diet for the past month and immediately I have seen great results! I have more energy, more focused, the bloating is gone, and my constipation is gone! Everyone should take this food sensitivity test. I owe it all to Candice. – Iris Y.