The LightWorks Approach: Advanced Holistic Medicine

It hadn’t dawned on me at first, but eventually I realized that working as an acupuncturist means you are generally meeting everyone at the worst time in their lives.

The typical scenario goes something like this:

  • I had a health situation which started out small. I ignored it and assumed it would go away.
  • It didn’t go away.
  • Eventually, I went to the doctor for help.
  • After multiple appointments and several prescriptions, the problem actually got worse or the treatment created other problems.
  • Now I’ve received a scary diagnosis, or I’m being told my only option is surgery or some other aggressive treatment, or I already had the surgery and things are still not better. I’m out of options.
  • I don’t like this. I feel like my doctor doesn’t know me or care about me. I’m not getting results, and I just keep getting passed around to other doctors, who also don’t know me and don’t get results. I’m tired and depressed, and I can’t get any more time off of work, and my spouse is sick of being my support system, and we have zero sex life, and now my hormones seem to be doing something crazy, and I’ve got this odd numb thing going on in my hand, and my kids still need me to be there for them, and my stress is at an all-time high, and I really hardly like anything about my life at this point.
  • I’ve decided to try alternative medicine. I know people who said they had amazing results with acupuncture and even though I totally hate the idea of needles, at this point I’m desperate and I’ll try anything.

People come to me feeling hopeless and distressed. They want me to give them their old life back. 

What they don’t realize is… I don’t want to give people their old life back. Their old life brought them right here: Sick, in pain, and unhappy. No, I have something much grander in mind than that.

What I intend for my patients is that they should become fully connected and engaged with their life. I want them to see that the reason they haven’t healed is because they have not yet effectively met their own needs. Whether these are the needs of the body, mind, or spirit… there will be no vitality until they are addressed.

And the journey towards meeting the needs of the body, mind, and spirit is the journey towards your happiest life. My intention is that by the time we’re done, you will be grateful for the ailment that started it all, because it prompted you to find your way towards something infinitely better.

That is why I created an entirely different kind of healthcare paradigm. I call it the LightWorks Approach.

What is the Lightworks Approach?

The LightWorks Approach is a revolutionary integrative health plan providing a complete health transformation for each patient. This holistic approach includes health analysis from both Eastern and Western perspectives, temperament assessment, dietary guidance, nutritional supplementation, life coaching, movement plan, and acupuncture.

Health transformations have become the norm, and we win awards year after year. The reason we succeed where other approaches fail is because:

  • Our health evaluations include a personality quiz, vitality assessment, and key investigative bloodwork that is typically unavailable in an M.D.’s office
  • We employ acupuncture, the most effective way to induce accelerated healing in 5000 years
  • And supplement this with nutritional and emotional support as you are asked to make important lifestyle changes
  • Provided by myself and other top practitioners who are trained in multiple disciplines
  • In a beautiful uplifting environment (Tucson, AZ)
  • Or available nationally (MySelf-MyHealth.com)
  • Which engages the whole person, to deliver an unprecedented blend of mind-body-spirit medicine.

In this way, I am able to develop the ideal treatment plan for each patient. Sometimes it is simply acupuncture, and sometimes I add additional approaches such as investigative bloodwork, nutritional counseling, food therapy, herbal medicine, vitamin therapy, or life coaching. The results have been astonishing. 

Not only do patients report the swift relief of the symptoms they sought, but amazement to find themselves in a much better place in their lives. 

This is advanced holistic medicine: Seeing you for the whole person you are, assessing what is needed to create a thriving vital state, and blending ancient and modern therapies to get you there. If you would like to learn more about what the LightWorks Approach can do for you, please call (520) 318-5560 or visit MySelf-MyHealth.com in the U.S.

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