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I wanted to answer the question today “What is acupuncture?”

Many people have heard of it… But they don’t really know what it is.

All they know is that it uses needles and that means they don’t want it, right?

So acupuncture is a very old medicine; it originated in China around 5,000 years ago and it is the oldest medicine that is still in use today. The reason it has been around that long is because it’s so effective and it has no side effects.

How does it work? There are points all over the body locations and when we insert the needle we are stimulating the actions that point, we are turning activity on. Each of those points has their own list of signals they send to the brain.

So the acupuncturist is selecting which points to use based on what kind of accelerated healing are we asking the brain to help with.

We can select points that are going to help reduce pain or that are going to strengthen organ function or that are going to detoxify or clean your blood. We’re able to do very deep healing work by asking the brain to give specific activates over time.

The kinds of people who come for acupuncture are often people who cannot find results elsewhere. They’ve tried everything that Western medicine has to offer for their pain, headaches, health condition… And acupuncture is just so good at resolving the root problem, helping heal the real deep reason why this continue to occur. And so this is why it is holistic medicine: this is treating the real problem.

You don’t have to keep coming forever, you don’t have to take pills forever, you are truly healed. So if you are struggling with pain, sciatica, carpal tunnel or if you are struggling with health concerns like diabetes and acid reflux, if you are struggling with emotional kind, soft issues like depression, anxiety,… acupuncture is just effective at helping you feel your best.

I hope you will consider giving it a try.

Thanks so much!

Candice Thomas, Licensed Acupuncturist
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